Kid Zone

All things for kids here at Dragonfire!

Welcome to Dragonfire Farm kid’s activities! At Dragonfire we believe in providing children with magical and educational experience centered around horses. 

Headed by Taylor McFall, our instructors ensure that every child has a fun and rewarding time while learning important riding skills. We instill inclusivity, sportsmanship, and the ability to encourage others into our young riders, all of which are core values of our program. Our gentle lesson ponies and horses are well trained and perfect for beginners. Our beautiful facility offers a range of activities that cater to all levels of riding ability. 

To better your child’s equestrian education, our facility boasts two Dressage courts, a large fenced and lighted jumping arena, trails and a full cross country school complete with a water feature. We also have a full-sized indoor lounge with a kitchen and an eating and activity center.

Whether your child dreams of mastering dressage, conquering jumps, or exploring the great outdoors on horseback, Dragonfire Farm Kid Zone is the perfect place to make those dreams a reality. Join us today and let your child embark on an unforgettable equestrian journey!

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2023 Activities

Contact Taylor to find out more about which activities would be appropriate for your child! 916-995-2915

Feb 11-12 Hawley Bennett Clinic (Education+Volunteer)

Feb 25th Not-A-Show (Show Jump Schooling)

March 25th Philip Dutton Clinic (Education+Volunteer) 

April 8th Not-A-Show (Show Jump Schooling)

June 3rd DF Derby (Dressage+Cross Country)

July 8-9 Boyd Martin Clinic (Education + Volunteer + Pool Party)

August 1-4 DF Academy Summer Camp  (no previous riding experience necessary)

Aug 5th DF Derby (Dressage+Cross Country)

Aug 6th SHA Horse Show Series (Equitation Show)

Sept 2nd DF Derby Finale and Cookie Cup Trophy awarded! (Dressage+Cross Country)

Dec 9th DF Jingle Bell Show (Classes and games for all Levels!)