Horse Shows

We believe competitions give all of our students a goal to work toward. Whether your focus is on riding in your first show, aspiring to compete at the North American Young Rider Championships, or to some day ride at the Advanced level of Eventing we know that equine competition is one of the rare and unique sports that is not just about winning, but about the process. It’s about working for your personal best, learning to win and lose graciously, demonstrating sportsmanship and team spirit at all times, and using a disappointing defeat to climb greater heights, all while creating a bond and partnership with your horse.

11800151_10205842001187216_957235621975832211_nAt Dragonfire, we see showing as a vehicle for building self-esteem and learning valuable life lessons for young and old. No matter what your preferred style of riding, there is a horse show for you and a great time to be had!

Below you will find guidelines for the various show formats we participate in as well as corresponding fees. If you have specific questions, please email us. For more information about competitions, we have also listed helpful links below for your convenience.

Fees Relative to All Competitions

  • Shipping of horses will be billed at $1.25/mile with a $125 minimum fee, plus additional expenses incurred, such as layovers on multi-day shipping trips.
  • TrailerDragonfire offers top-flight transportation for your equine super athlete. For those with discriminating tastes, you know that there is no better way to ship your horse to a competition than the Pegasus Air Ride. The van boasts an 8’3″ head clearance, keeping even the most claustrophobic horse comfortable. Automated, climate controlled vents and fans will ensure that your horse will not get either too hot nor too cold. The four separate cameras give a view of all 8 horses at all times. And the air ride suspension and air ride hitch system keep the ride so smooth that a glass of champagne wouldn’t spill…even going down Orange Road! That is saving years of wear and tear off your horse’s legs. And the steel frame and FRP siding of the Pegasus create the safest place for your champion to be on the road. We here at Dragonfire know that your horse deserves the best, and the best is a PEGASUS!
  • Horse Show/Event Hotel Fees for the Dragonfire Team will be split evenly between customers participating at that event/show. We will keep the price as low as possible, although hotel proximity to event/show grounds is a priority.
  • Body Clipping: $125 per horse for a full body clip, $85 for a trace
  • Mane Pulling: $30 per horse
  • Braiding: $45/mane, per horse
  • Entry Fees: Entering is the responsibility of the owner. We will help you decide the appropriate level to enter for you and your horse for each competition.
  • Feed/Bedding: At cost and divided between horses participating at that show.
  • Lesson Horse/Show Horse Lease: $100/day if available

Horse Trials and Three-Day Event FeesIMG_3834

  • Course Walks: $35
  • Warm-ups: $35 each
  • Show Ride with Grooming: $80/day
  • Show Ride without Grooming: $50/day (to have a member of the Dragonfire staff show your horse)

Dressage/Schooling Show Fees

  • $50 per day
  • $10 per class

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