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The Academy @ Dragonfire: Program Description

Academy at Dragonfire

Our lesson program extends from the beginning first time rider to the advanced international competitor. Adults and children alike are welcome, and we strive to meet the individual goals of each of our riders. We have numerous lesson horses available to help you gain confidence as you learn. Our instructors will provide a safe and enjoyable environment for you to become the best rider that you can be.

Lesson Guidelines

Lessons will include Horsemanship as well as riding. Knowing how to care for and groom your own horse is an important step in becoming a well-rounded rider. Please arrive on time to help us keep up with our schedule. If you arrive more than ten minutes late for your scheduled lesson, you may either have a shortened lesson or be rescheduled to another day and charged for the lesson you were late for. If you need to cancel a lesson, 24 hours notice is required. Please dress appropriately for your lessons. This includes long pants (breeches or jodhpurs recommended), ankle high boots with a hard sole and heel, and an approved safety helmet. We also ask that you wear your hair back and that you wear fitted clothing to your lessons. Check out “Staff Favorites” for where to buy recommended gear.

NEW! Horsemanship Classes.

Starting in September 2017, we will be offering monthly sessions in horsemanship that will meet on a weekly basis for an hour each week. The sessions may be mounted or unmounted depending on the weather and the subject matter being covered that day. Students should always be prepared to ride and dress appropriately for that activity. The emphasis in the horsemanship classes is on the care and maintenance of the horse and equipment, and how to handle the horse safely.  Some riding may be introduced.

Fee: $225.00/session. (4 classes per session.) Maximum of 8 students per session.

Call Cheron at (916) 204-4247 to check session schedule and availability.

Horsemanship Day Camp/Clinics available throughout the year! 

We are offering weekend day camps and clinics as well as several week-long day camps during the Summer. They will include basic horsemanship, daily riding lessons on safe ponies/horses, crafts, swimming and fun games! Spaces limited so call early to reserve your child’s spot.


To schedule lessons or to learn more about our camps, please contact Cheron Laboissonniere at 916.204.4247.


Beginners 18+ under
(Academy Instructors)
  • Single lesson, rider on own/lease horse – $60.00, or
  • Single lesson, rider on lesson horse – $75.00
  • Lessons are 1/2 hour in length for 1 rider; 2 or more riders, 45 min to 1 hr.
  •  Pre-paid lesson package: $200.00 per rider (plus $60/pkg for use of lesson horse, if needed), 4 lessons on weekly basis, must take within the month. Lessons not taken within the month may not be carried over to the next month and are not refundable. Please note: Lesson packages for students 8 and over are limited to a 12 month period. At that point, the student is considered an advanced beginner.
  • Charter School Students:                                                   Lessons are $75.00 each and should be ordered on a 4 lesson per month basis ($300.00 per month) unless special arrangement has been made. Lessons not taken within the month may not be carried over to the next month.   Students with their own horse are eligible for a discount.    Horsemanship classes are offered on a monthly basis of 4 one hour sessions that meet at the same time each week. Classes limited to 8 students. Fee $225/month per child. Topics covered will include but not limited to grooming, parts of the horse, care of horse/tack, exercises for rider, etc as well as some riding.                                                  Please check with Cheron at (916) 204-4247 before ordering Purchase Order to check availability.
Advanced Beginners (can walk, trot, canter) 
  • Single lessons, rider on own/lease horse – $75.00 or
  • Single lesson, rider on lesson horse – $90.00
  • Lessons are 45 min to 1 hr in length
  • Lessons on the flat only for adults on lesson horses (no jumping)
  • Monthly lesson package $300.00,  4 lessons on weekly basis, must take within the month. (The package is $360.00 if the use of a lesson horse is needed.)
Earl McFall

Advanced/Intermediate Students

Beginning Adults

  • All Lessons  – $85.00
  • Jump students must have/lease own horse
  • Use of a lesson horse (flat only) – $15
Jennifer McFall

Advanced/Approved Students Only

  • All lessons- $85.00