Barn Services & Rates

Please see our Academy@Dragonfire page for Lesson Rates and our Horse Shows page for competition rates.

Full Training – $1,240/month Includes board. Training methods vary for each individual horse to encourage maximum learning and strength. Training includes, but is not limited to riding, lining or hacking. The amount a horse is worked is determined by age, health, ability and other special needs. Horses are typically worked six days per week with one to two days off each week. Most likely, these days will be spent in turnout for the horse’s leisure. One private lesson per week is included in full training. Any additional lessons scheduled will be reflected in your monthly billing.
Stall Board – $640/month or $30/day Stalls are cleaned and bedded daily. Horses are fed hay twice daily. Horses will be turned out as needed at an additional cost of $20 per session. Availability limited.
Special Needs/Lay-Up Boarding – $840/month or $40/day This will include any extended injury care, such as giving medications, hand walking, wound care, etc.
Pasture Board Р$340/month Horses are fed twice daily.  Availability limited.
Foal handling/supplementary feed – $200 per foal/month This covers the cost of the extra feed required by a nursing mother. We also provide a solid foundation for future training in the handling of these youngsters.
Irrigated Pasture $20 per half day session for horses not in full training.
Breaking Young Stock First month $1040, then price is considered full training.


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