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Unknown-1Bardsley has the absolute best equine hair care products available. They are designed to work with cold water and produce clean, healthy, and shiny coats that will get you noticed in the show ring. Not only do they work without exception, they smell incredible and are cruelty free. You will love the products so much, you will want to use them on yourself!


bling-300x295Do you want to make a statement in the ring? Check out these outrageous custom browbands from Bling-a-Ling! You can even get a matching dog collar, so that your canine and equine can be on top of the style charts together. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Bling-a-Ling and Frilly Fillies have teamed up to make matching browbands and beaded bonnets so that you can have a fully custom look each time you step into the ring. (916) 990-4317


logoDragonfire is proud to be part of this exciting new company. C4’s mission is to promote individuality through quality fashion accessories that gives back. C4 stands for Choose your Color, Choose your Cause. It is C4’s goal to provide a unique shopping experience to individual thinkers who will leave looking cool on the outside AND feeling good on the inside. (855) 4C4-BELT


Unknown-3CWD is a maker of fine saddles, bridles, boots and leather care products. CWD is where tradition and innovation meet. Here at Dragonfire, we have been enormously impressed with the quality of the leather and balance of the saddles, and we thank CWD for being an Official Sponsor of Earl and Jennifer McFall. Contact Ali McCool for all of your CWD needs at  (408) 396-5028.


NewDecoPonyLogo“Style your Horse Show Aisle” with custom stall guards, halter banners and totes from Deco Pony that are creative, durable and affordable. Let Deco Pony help you show your barn pride and make the competition jealous.


logoResearch has shown that certain fatty acids act as insect attractants, while others are repellents. Ecovet uses a proprietary mixture of naturally occurring fatty acids that confuses and overwhelms the insect’s normal directional ability, so the insect is unable to locate your horse as its next victim.


EFAx_logo-1-1 EFA-X is a very unique, easily digestible, vegetable-based fatty acid feed concentrate for horses. The EFA-X proprietary process enables today’s sport and leisure horse to get the crucial essential fatty acids they need to perform to their fullest and live a healthy life. The EFA-X self-emulsification in the stomach and small intestine, ensure a quick cross-membrane process into the blood stream for an effortless utilization and readily bio-available fatty acids. EFA-X does not conflict with any current FEI or USEF regulations.


Fleeceworks_logoFleeceworks is the manufacturer of the world’s finest Australian Merino Equestrian Products. Their priority is the enhanced performance and comfort of our equine partners and nothing will guarantee this like their hand-selected Australian Merino Sheepskin. No lycra (spandex), polyurea, teflon, or copolymers in their product. They take great pride in delivering pads that not only are crisp fashion styles but high-end environmentally responsible performance products as well.

Fleeceworks products provide minimum bulk while assuring maximum performance, combining technology and natural Australian Merino sheepskin. The patented FXK Technology provides comprehensive relief for withers and spine, and the patent-pending Perfect Balance Technology with tailored inserts assures exacting saddle fit, for increased performance and safety. No matter what your style of riding, they offer product that will fit your needs.


frilly-fillies-logo-trans-150Frilly Fillies is for the fashion-forward equestrian looking to make an impression in the show ring. These custom bonnets are the top in luxury and fit, with completely personalized colors and monograming available. For your convenience, you can order your bonnets online (click on the logo) and make your equine partner look like a winner! For a complete look, add a custom coordinated Bling-a-Ling browband!


Unknown-6In everyday riding and competition, our hands can take quite a lot of wear and tear. Other gloves simply don’t seem to last which is why we love Heritage Gloves. Not only do they look great, but they are comfortable and reliable. Heritage Gloves are the official glove of the USEA for a reason. Get a pair today and see why we love them so much. (805) 552-1900


az_logoHoof and Woof’s line of equine products reflects the passion and need for high quality, functionality, comfort, and durability. Their products are made with a high-end footbed material, top-of-the-line American hide leather and unique authentic designs to give the rider optimum comfort and style. Their line includes paddock boots in lace and zip as well as mules, clogs and tote bags. Dragonfire is proud to represent such a quality company!


Unknown-2HPF Designs supplies the most fashionable yet durable browbands available! If you can’t find the design you like out of the huge selection available, go ahead and get creative and design a totally custom one for your equine partner. High Times wears only HPF, his official browband sponsor! You’ve worked so hard to get to the competition, don’t go unnoticed!


Although riding socks cannot be seen underneath boots, Dragonfire Farms thinks they are one of the most important items they have. JoJoSox are the most comfortable option out there for riders, and as an added bonus they come in the most stylish designs!


Kerrits riding apparel is designed for riders by riders! They have an amazing product line with durable, comfortable, and amazing clothing. Whether we are schooling at home, or looking polished for the show ring, Kerrits makes sure we are comfortable and looking our best.


574575_219847924811671_16542375_nMajyk Equipe (pronounced “magic e-keep”) was founded by equestrians who were facing the ultimate challenge – finding high quality protective horse boots at a reasonable price. When they found that the choices were limited unless one was willing to spend $150+ dollars for show boots, they realized there was a need for well-designed boots with the latest technology but without the steep price tag. Today this young brand is one of the fastest growing brands in the industry and is happy to be continually evolving and adding new items to their product line.


MDC-Logo-RED-with-Ultimate-RGBThe MDC Intelligent Stirrups utilize a revolutionary new stirrup design that positions your stirrups where YOU want them. Riders can now select any of three preset stirrup positions: traditional, 45 degrees or 90 degrees. You can customize your stirrups to the setting that best suits you, your horse and your riding application. The preset angle improves leg, calf, and foot position, relieves pressure on hips, knees, and ankles, and reduces leg burns. And, they have an excellent line of Pony stirrups!


images-1Nupafeed provides an unparalleled calming supplement for your equine performer. It is totally safe, legal, and cost effective. We haven’t seen anything better on the market today! Not only that, the customer service will knock your socks off. Contact Scott at (941) 921-1764 and see for yourself!


platinum_logoPlatinum Performance® was developed at the Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center in 1996 by Doug Herthel, DVM. Understanding the power of nutrition and recognizing a clinical need, Dr. Herthel developed a formula that would help improve the quality and speed of healing in his patients’ bone and soft tissue injuries after orthopedic surgery. Platinum Performance® remains a family business with their roots firmly planted in veterinary medicine. Their seasoned team formulates, develops and tests our products in our own California facility so we can ensure that our clients receive products they can trust every time. Dragonfire Farm always trusts Platinum Performance and is proud to have them on the team.


RevitavetSuperiorTherapyWe now have the Revitavet therapy device in our barn and use it on a daily basis to maintain soundness and help in rapid recovery after a vigorous training session. Revitavet speeds the recovery process to mere days in comparison to the typical untreated recovery time. The product is very easy to integrate into a daily routine and is instrumental in keeping our horses at their peak performance.


Rock House Couture Liz of The Rock House Couture has an extensive resume working on movie sets and popular TV shows. Unifying her love of horse shows with fashion, Liz creates high end classic and modern pieces for showing equestrians. Team Dragonfire always stands out in the show ring when wearing the beautiful stock ties from The Rock House Couture.


UnknownAll of our valuable equipment is archived and tagged through the Saddle Network! Protect your gear and track it if it’s stolen by joining the Saddle Network!


IMG_0334Located just a few miles from Dragonfire Farm, Sheldon Feed has fast and courteous service and almost anything you may need for you or your horse. This is the go-to place for Dragonfire’s stable needs. We thank Sheldon Feed for sponsoring our Academy @ Dragonfire Show Series! 8928 Grant Line Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95624, (916) 686-6400


Samshield1The best way to be stylish, while still being comfortable and safe, is to wear Samshield headware! Samshield’s philosophy is to always create advanced products in terms of security, comfort, material, and quality, as well as to provide customization. Modern riding demands innovation, and Samshield adds elegance and distinctiveness with their customizable line of helmets.


Unknown-5Have you ever wondered how much and exactly what your horse should be eating? Each horse is different which is why we use Summit Equine Nutrition and Dr. Clair Thunes  for consulting to assist us in getting each horse in our program on the perfect diet. Get your horse on their ideal feeding program for maximum performance today by calling (916) 248-8987.


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.56.31 PMWalsh products has a long and rich heritage of producing peerless products and is known for their craftsmanship, longevity and ease of use. Founded in 1914 by James Walsh, the company grew to prominence by developing distinctive products like the innovative Walsh No-Buckle Harness. Dragonfire has been using their top of the line leather halters for years when showing their Morgans, and they are excited to now use them and other products for their event horses.